Progressive Technology

With Progressive Technology, everything about DG Pro is progressive -- the flex profile, step pattern, weight profile, and internal material distribution.

This allows True Temper to tailor the specific playing characteristic of the long, short , and mid irons for optimum feel, spin control and trajectory and ultimately confidence-inspiring performance.

Progressive Flex Profile

True Temper engineers developed three specialized stiffness profiles that promote PROGRESSIVE feel and control throughout the set in DG Pro.

In the long irons, the butt stiffness is relatively high promoting an active tip section to compensate for the low launch and spin conditions found when striking the modern day tour golf ball.

In the mid irons the butt to tip stiffness ratio is modified to maintain the optimum feel and control associated with the Dynamic Gold brand.

In the short irons, engineers again tweaked the stiffness profile promoting a cushioned feel, without generating excessive spin.

Progressive Step Pattern

DG Pro incorporates a very visual change in the shaft geometry as it morphs between the three subsets. This was necessary to promote the optimum feel and performance.

Progressive Weight Profile

DG Pro is a no compromise design, where even the smallest detail has been painstakingly researched to maximize performance. Each starting blank of DG Pro is produced to exacting Gold Manufacturing Tolerances. In addition, the DG Pro utilizes a semi descending weight design that is used to limit the increase in wall thickness as you progress through the set. This benefits the golfer as it promotes a softer butt section which in turn reduces tip response for a flatter more aggressive ball flight in the shorter irons.

Progressive internal material distribution

All premium True Temper products utilize VWT (Variable Wall Technology). With the DG Pro this has been taken to the next step by varying the amount of VWT per shaft to enhance feel and control. VWT has also been used to lower each shafts balance point, allowing club assemblers the opportunity to reduce overall static club weights while maintaining club Swing Weight. This is just another example of how the DG Pro has been designed to the finest detail; maximizing efficiency to lower scores.


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