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Build Up Your Confidence to Lower Your Scores with Totally Driven


Totally Driven is a full-service golf improvement center specializing in custom club fittings, golf performance coaching based in Edina, MN so they know a little something about helping golfers lower their scores. Jon Weedman has been helping golfers improve their confidence and game for nearly 20 years, and shares with us how he specifically helped a golfer significantly change his handicap…

“In the late summer of 2015, a customer came in to us looking to get fitted for some new irons. He was a 16 hdcp, weekend warrior type golfer with a club head speed around 85mph. with a 7 iron. His goal was a proper fit, as he was uncomfortable with his existing clubs, a set with midweight(110g), softer tip steel shafts in a stiff flex. He was concerned they were too stiff, and although having a higher than average ball flight, wanted to look at something possibly even lighter and less stiff.

totally_drivenAs the fitting progressed, it quickly turned from the lightweight (90-100g) steel shafts that he had guessed would be much better for him, to trying shafts that were even heavier than what he had (120-130g). This heavier shaft seemed to match up much better with his aggressive transition and steep attack, and quickly his smash factor increased from 1.24 on average with the light weight shaft to 1.32 with the heavier shafts, and he picked up 12.4 yards of carry distance as his dispersion shrunk threefold. This result and subsequent recommendation on our part as the fitting left him a bit skeptical, but he decided to trust what he was seeing on the Trackman and give the new clubs a shot.

Following the season, we received an email from the same customer, explaining his skepticism but quickly highlighted how well he played following his fitting, ending the season as an 11 handicap, the lowest he has ever been in his entire golfing career.”

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Improve your distance and accuracy with golf shaft

fitting tips and pro advice. Subscribe now.

Improve your distance and accuracy with golf shaft

fitting tips and pro advice. Subscribe now.

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