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Dynamic Gold 120 FAQ


Q. Why did you make Dynamic Gold 120?

A. There is currently a trend industry-wide to push shafts slightly lighter.  We met this trend head on with the launch of our XP series. We knew years ago that the industry would demand a lighter weight Dynamic Gold but we would not launch the product until the design was perfect. The design has been 15 years in the making and has finally met True Temper’s gold standard.

 Q. How does Dynamic Gold 120 compare to standard Dynamic Gold in terms of launch and spin?

A. Dynamic Gold 120 will offer very similar launch and spin characteristics compared to standard Dynamic Gold. Also, because of Dynamic Gold 120’s lighter build, golfers will notice an increase in distance and an easier swing, thus hindering late round fatigue.

Q. Who is the player switching to these?

A. The Dynamic Gold 120 accommodates a wide variety of players. Dynamic Gold 120 is perfect for someone who finds a standard Dynamic Gold to be a touch heavy but loves the feel and performance or a player who can handle a standard Dynamic Gold but is looking for a bit more power or a lighter build.

Q. What are the pros and cons of switching from standard Dynamic Gold to the lighter Dynamic Gold 120? 

  • Pros:
    1. The lighter weight will allow you to increase swing speed which leads to increased distance.
    2. The lighter weight will also help reduce fatigue throughout the round.
    3. You will see very similar launch, spin and feel from what you are used to.
  • Cons:
    1. You’re going to kick yourself for not gaming them sooner.


Q. How do the flexes between standard Dynamic Gold and Dynamic Gold 120 compare?

A. Flexes will play very similar—i.e., if you play Dynamic Gold S400 you will play Dynamic Gold 120 S400. The reduced weight is offset by the changes in diameter and balance point to replicate the same performance to the original with the benefits of lighter weight.

Q. Is Dynamic Gold 120 only offered in a tour issue model at S400 and X100 flexes?

A. As of right now Dynamic Gold 120 is only available in a Tour Issue model flexing at S400/X100.  A standard model with a complete flex range (R300/S300/X100) will be available later this year for 2018 though!

Q. What is the big difference between previous lighter shaft offerings (XP range, Dynamic Gold SL, etc.) and Dynamic Gold 120?

A. Dynamic Gold 120 fills a gap in our line by producing a more comparable Dynamic Gold profile with lower flight and spin than the XP models. Although the flight and spin of Dynamic Gold 120 and Dynamic Gold SL are similar, the big difference between the two comes from feel—Dynamic Gold 120 has a much improved overall feel than the Dynamic Gold SL.

Q. Will switching from standard Dynamic Gold into Dynamic Gold 120 result in any swingweight changes in an iron set?

A. We use our Variable Wall Technology (VWT) in Dynamic Gold 120, so you will not see any swing weight changes in the set.

Q. Where can I purchase Dynamic Gold 120?

A. Dynamic Gold 120, along with any True Temper shaft offering, is available through our True Temper Performance Fitting Centers which can be found under the “Find a Fitter” tab on our website.


Find more information about Dynamic Gold 120 Tour Issue here.


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