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Dynamic Gold 120: What the TOUR Players are Seeing


The players on the PGA and TOUR have been testing our Dynamic Gold 120 for a few weeks now and seeing awesome results. Today we chat with Paul Loegering, director of tour operations for True Temper, about Dynamic Gold 120 and the players testing it on TOUR.

Q. What type of Tour player is using Dynamic Gold 120? 

A. Typically the tour player switching into Dynamic Gold 120 wants to have the same trusted feel and performance as standard Dynamic Gold Tour Issue, but is looking for a little lighter weight. There is also the player that is switching from a competitor shaft in the 120 gram range who wants a tighter shot shape and dispersion.

Q. Why are players switching into Dynamic Gold 120?

A. They want to gain a little more club head and ball speed and/or they want slightly less launch and spin than what they were previously playing.

Q. What is a common setup for Dynamic Gold 120 players? All the way through irons and wedges? Or just in irons? Are they playing the same flex in Dynamic Gold 120 as they did in their old shafts?

We have have both scenarios: players switch their irons and wedges into Dynamic Gold 120 and players putting Dynamic Gold 120 in their irons only and keeping the heavier, standard Dynamic Gold in their wedges for the weight in their 1/2,3/4, and chipping shots.

Q. What else are players seeing performance-wise from Dynamic Gold 120?

They are hitting the ball consistently farther throughout the set while maintaining consistency with dispersion. We are also hearing from the players that Dynamic Gold 120 still has solid “feel” in a lighter weight shaft and is a good weight to still have club head feel and overall weight feel throughout the swing.

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Improve your distance and accuracy with golf shaft

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