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Dynamic Gold AMT Q&A: Player profile, AMT vs. DG Pro and what about an AMT wedge shaft?


We recently hosted a live Q&A on Golfwrx where we got some great questions about the new Dynamic Gold AMT. We have included some of these questions and our answers here in this post. You can find more information about Dynamic Gold AMT on our product page and on Instagram,Twitter and Facebook.

Q. I play standard Dynamic Gold X100 in my irons and I’m generally happy with my ball flight. If I were to switch to AMT’s for a little more distance in my long irons, might I also have to bend them a degree strong or something to offset the higher ball flight?

A. Our robot testing showed a 2* launch increase in the 4 iron compared to Dynamic Gold with really no increase in spin rate. With that being said, a little higher ball flight shouldn’t be a concern and distance will be greater without the need to offset with loft.

Q. What type of player would benefit from DG AMT shafts and why? 

A. Dynamic Gold AMT is for the Dynamic Gold player that is looking for ease in hitting long irons without giving up the hallmark feel of Dynamic Gold. Even tour players are looking for higher launching, softer landing long irons.

Q. Do you find that the AMT plays true to the stated flex throughout the set? Curious how that works.

A. Dynamically AMT plays true to its stated flex. Statically a lighter weight shaft will usually measure softer but shouldn’t require someone to change to a stronger flex.

Q. I have been playing a set of DGTI AMT since I could get my hands on a set. They are absolutely my favorite iron shaft ever, for me the lighter weight in the long irons are great and given I have my irons moi matched, I couldn’t be happier…. I believe you had designed a wedge shaft to follow the progression of the weight. Can you comment on why this got scraped?

A. Dynamic Gold is the most popular wedge shaft in golf, so we felt that it would be logical to start there and work our way back taking 3g of weight out per iron. Testing on tour and with OEM partners confirmed that decision.

Q. I currently play the DG Pro in my irons. How does the AMT differ? They sound like they are both designed to do the same thing.

A. In theory yes, but in two completely different ways. The trajectory differences with Dynamic Gold AMT is by virtue of the weight of each shaft. Lighter weight shafts are able to be swung faster which helps increase trajectory. DG PRO is a change in diameter. Faster taper rate (diameter change) in long irons promote more launch, gradually getting stiffer towards the short irons.

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Improve your distance and accuracy with golf shaft

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