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Customize it your way for maximum ball flight and unrivaled distance control through a low flex design available in R/S or A/L for both wood.

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Grafalloy wood shafts feature designs that have been trusted by the world’s best.

ProLaunch Blue

The tip responsive design of ProLaunch Blue allows for maximum distance to be achieved through improved launch angles and carry distances.

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ProLaunch Platinum

ProLaunch Platinum features a mid spin and mid launch design that is ideal for a wide range of golfers.

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ProLaunch Red

ProLaunch Red is designed for stronger swingers and delivers a boring, penetrating trajectory with a stiff-tip, highly stable design.

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Providing clubmakers the flexibility to fit almost any golfer, ProCustom features a unique combination flex design that is available in R/S or A/L for both woods and irons.

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Technical Elements Technical Elements
  • micro-mesh-technology

    Micro-Mesh Technology

    Proprietary Micro-Mesh Tip Technology radically improves the torsional stability of the shaft while promoting a responsive feel at impact. This technological advancement enhances shot consistency by keeping the clubface square at impact leading to greater distance and accuracy off the tee.

  • launch-monitor-tuned-technology

    Launch-Monitor-Tuned Technology

    It’s never been easier to find the perfect shaft for you. Featuring ProLaunch’s launch-tuned technology, there is a trajectory-optimized ProLaunch for every swing.

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