True Temper - The #1 shaft in golf

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Grafalloy’s proprietary technologies deliver maximum speed for explosive power and distance, while enhancing shot consistency and accuracy, resulting in a family of shafts that outperform the competition.

Micro-Mesh Technology

Proprietary Micro-Mesh Tip Technology radically improves the torsional stability of the shaft while promoting a responsive feel at impact. This technological advancement enhances shot consistency by keeping the clubface square at impact leading to greater distance and accuracy off the tee.

Shafts using Micro-Mesh Technology


Video thumbnail Grafalloy - Micro Mesh Tip Technology

Launch-Monitor-Tuned Technology

It’s never been easier to find the perfect shaft for you. Featuring ProLaunch’s launch-tuned technology, there is a trajectory-optimized ProLaunch for every swing.

Shafts using Launch-Monitor-Tuned Technology