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How the Pros Improve Consistency


When we need to help a player improve their consistency on tour, a lot of times it is a matter of changing the player into a shaft with a reinforced tip section. A lot of improving consistency is controlling ball flight, so shafts with reinforced tips can be game changers for the tour pros.

For example, within the past year we have worked with two Top 10 players in the world to improve their consistency by changing out their shafts. One player has the highest clubhead speed on tour, so he really needed a shaft with a more stable tip section and butt section. We put him in Dynamic Gold X7 which is the stiffest shaft we make and has a reinforced tip and he immediately saw better numbers and had his best season of his career, which included a Major championship win.



For another Top 10 player, he wanted to tighten his dispersion from left to right and his distance and control his ball flight. He first moved into Dynamic Gold AMT and then moved into Project X LZ, which he currently plays. He saw more consistency in terms of distance, dispersion and ball flight because of the Loading Zone technology in the shaft, which is a stiff grip and tip section, with a less stiff mid-section.


Finally, we had another player who was playing graphite in his irons and really struggling with consistency, which is a common issue with graphite in irons. We switched him into XP 115 S flex shafts in his irons and he saw huge improvements in distance and dispersion control without losing the feel he liked.

To improve your consistency, visit your local Performance Fitting Center for a custom fitting. Learn more about how you can improve your consistency here and here.

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Improve your distance and accuracy with golf shaft

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Improve your distance and accuracy with golf shaft

fitting tips and pro advice. Subscribe now.

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