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How the Pros Improve Distance for Lower Scores


Gaining yards for better scores isn’t just a concern for the amateur golfer. More yards can be the tournament-winning difference for the tour pros and dialing in their shafts through custom fitting is one way they gain more distance.

For today’s post, we turned to our fitting experts that are on the PGA and Tours week after week to help the players improve their game through their equipment. Here’s what the True Temper Tour Team had to say about the role shaft fitting plays in gaining more distance…


“When it comes to distance, the professional players are concerned with “distance control” and their main concern is gaining distance while hitting a high percentage of fairways

If a player wants to improve distance, we have to help him increase his clubhead speed. We can do this by lightening the weight of the shaft and/or increasing the length of the shaft. Our Project X HZRDUS Yellow shaft has been really popular on tour because it is a lighter weight shaft and is counterbalanced so players can add more weight into the head. The swing weight stays the same, but with heavier head weight. This produces more speed behind the ball and improves distance gains.

We also try to make the driver as long as possible for these guys. But for most guys, there is a point of diminishing return. When it’s too long, they lose consistency and accuracy so we have to be careful.

That’s why fitting is so important. The point of diminishing return is different for every golfer and they need a professional to help dial that in for them.”

To read more about How to Lower Your Scores through custom fitting, see our posts from Tuesday and Wednesday. Find a Performance Fitting Center in your area to schedule a custom fitting here.

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Improve your distance and accuracy with golf shaft

fitting tips and pro advice. Subscribe now.

Improve your distance and accuracy with golf shaft

fitting tips and pro advice. Subscribe now.

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