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How to Lower Your Scores Through Shaft Fitting; Focus on Hybrid Lofts


Yesterday Scott Felix of Felix ClubWorks educated us on how ball speed and the correct shaft can improve distance. Today, Frank Viola of Ace of Clubs in Saugus, MA shares how he helped a customer improve his game through a hybrid fitting. We would say gaining 12 yards is definitely one way to lower your scores!

Frank Viola

Ace of Clubs, Golf Digest Top 100 Clubfitter and True Temper Performance Fitting Centers

“With the advent of the latest technology in hybrids, many of our customers have come in asking about replacing fairway woods with lower lofted hybrids?  As these questions became more and more frequent, we have taken these requests and worked hard to to find optimal advances in placing our customers into that 17° range of the longer hybrids…  We’ve found that increases in ball speeds clearly come from lower lofted clubs, but at .370 tip diameters, our options weren’t great, as we needed to get better / higher launch conditions, with a more active tip shaft without losing shot dispersion…”


“Now, we do a lot with PFC Products and have found that the HZRDUS family has one of the most stable tips in .335 diameter range… Armed with that information, we had made up some custom sleeves for the PXG 0317 hybrid that enabled us to install, safely I may add, a .335 tip Yellow HZRDUS into that 17° PXG hybrid…  We experimented around with overall club lengths and also variations in tipping until we came up with a true winner… Below are numbers that we achieved with a club that was 2″ shorter in length than the customer’s 15° FW Wood, 12 yards longer and cut the dispersion in half…”

258 carry, 263 total distance

153 MPH Ball Speed

3483 BS RPM’s 12.8° LA

“We continue to strive and make advances in the technological side of the game…  Our customers challenge us everyday with new and exciting ideas!”

Interested in lowering your scores? Find a Performance Fitting Center in your area to schedule a custom fitting.

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Improve your distance and accuracy with golf shaft

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Improve your distance and accuracy with golf shaft

fitting tips and pro advice. Subscribe now.

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