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How the Pros Improve Accuracy


Week in and week out, our True Temper Tour Staff is on the range at every PGA Tour event helping the players identify the best shaft for their game. We asked our team about the process of helping a tour pro who wants to lower their scores by improving his accuracy and here’s what they had to say on the topic….

“When a pro wants to improve his accuracy, he is looking for better dispersion control. What we typically do on tour is provide him with a stiffer flex which helps with the dispersion control and help with off-center hits. We have to find the sweet spot, though, because if you go too stiff the player will start to lose feel. So, it comes down to a lot testing on the range because it is such an individual preference.”


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“Another factor that helps with dispersion control is a staff with a stiffer tip section. All of True Temper’s tour shafts are made with our Variable Wall Technology which allows us to manipulate the internal diameter throughout a steel shaft, something the majority of our competitors cannot do. A lot of times we will switch a player from a competitor’s shaft that is just straight pull, meaning it has the same internal diameter throughout the shaft, to one of our premium shafts with tip reinforcement and they will immediately see tighter dispersion control.”

If you missed what two of our Performance Fitting Center members had to say on the topic of improving accuracy, you can find that information here and here. If you want better dispersion control and improved accuracy, find a Performance Fitting Center in your area here and schedule a custom fitting session.

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Improve your distance and accuracy with golf shaft

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Improve your distance and accuracy with golf shaft

fitting tips and pro advice. Subscribe now.

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