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ProLaunch Platinum features a mid spin and mid launch design that is ideal for a wide range of golfers. With its mid spin/launch profile, ProLaunch Platinum will sit in between ProLaunch Blue (high launch) and ProLaunch Red (low launch).

ShaftFit Technology Tempo


Tempo is not how fast you swing it, it is how you swing it fast. Tempo will affect how you load and unload the shaft and is a big factor in which shaft will best suit you. A player with a quicker backswing and more aggressive transition will have a faster tempo, while a player with a slower backswing and smoother transition will have a more deliberate tempo.
ShaftFit Technology Trajectory


Trajectory is the flight of the ball and the peak height that the ball reaches. A player who struggles with getting the ball in the air should look towards a higher trajectory shaft, while a player who struggles hitting the ball too high should look for a lower trajectory shaft.
ShaftFit Technology Spin


Spin is the amount of backspin that the ball has. The designs of certain golf shafts can promote more or less spin so keep this in mind when looking for a shaft to maximize your game.
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