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Shaft Fitting for Consistency with MK Golf Technologies


MK Golf Technologies in San Antonio, Texas is a member of our Performance Fitting Center program and a Golf Digest Top 100 Clubfitter. MK Golf Technologies’ mission “is to help you play better.” One way to do this is to improve the consistency of your swing through a custom fitting. Kirk James, CFO and Master Fitter at MK Golf Technologies, tells us how they do this….


“All serious golfers look for consistency in their ball striking. This consistency in ball striking typically includes consistency in both carry distance and shot pattern. The primary way for a clubfitter to help a client achieve consistency in their ball striking is to find the shaft and club head combination that works best for the client.

We have determined through our years of fitting players of all skill levels that the weight of the shaft is the most important factor in fitting a shaft to a player. We always start with determining the correct weight of the shaft for the physical characteristics of the player, and then dial in the flex of the shaft.


We use a Flightscope launch monitor in all of our fittings. One of our favorite features of the Flightscope software is the Acceleration Profile that shows the rate of club head speed change prior to impact as well as after impact. It is effectively showing the shaft’s behavior in the hands of the player.  When a player with good technique swings a club with a shaft that is a good fit, the Acceleration Profile graph will reflect a line that is very smooth and very linear, and with each swing the line will be very repeatable. When we find a shaft that gives us these smooth straight lines on the Acceleration Profile, the player’s carry distance and shot pattern from shot to shot almost always become extremely consistent. This is a result of the shaft delivering the club head to the ball in a very repeatable and consistent manner.

A shaft that is not a good fit for the player will normally reflect lines that are not smooth and linear at all, and that are not consistent or repeatable from shot to shot. As one might expect, this situation results in very poor consistency in ball striking, carry distance and shot pattern.

Getting fit for the right shaft for your swing and physical characteristics can definitely improve the consistency of your ball striking, carry distance, and shot pattern.”

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Michael Riley

posted 3 years ago

I have always felt that to be true. Weight then flex!!!
I like the feel of a lightweight shaft with a stiff flex. It has a very good feel. Better than stiff or regular with different weights.

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Improve your distance and accuracy with golf shaft

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Improve your distance and accuracy with golf shaft

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