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Top 5 Questions from the Week


Every week, we get a lot of great questions from golfers through our web site and through social media. We’ve featured a few of those questions and our answers below.

If you ever have any questions, please reach out to us at 800-355-8783, on our website or on social media.

Q. “…what happens when a shaft is loaded with weight in the tip will this change the way the shaft performs?”

A. It depends on how much tip weight is added. With the added weight, you are changing the swing weight of the club. The more mass you add to the tip of the shaft, the higher the swing weight is going to be and generally the more flexible the tip section will become because of the higher amount of mass (weight) at the tip end.

Q. “I have Dynalite Gold XP (we also get this a lot about Dynamic Gold High Launch) in my irons. What is a good replacement shaft?”

A. We no longer make Dynalite Gold XP or Dynamic Gold High Launch. Our XP 115 is a great replacement shaft for these two. You can find more information about the XP 115 shaft here

Q.  “the irons I have were purchased with a 1″ shortened shaft. If I were to add an extension to the shaft to bring it back to regular length would it ruin the dynamics of the shaft?”

A. It won’t affect the dynamics of the shaft, but the shaft will still play stiffer than normal because of the shorter shaft length. All the extensions are going to do is give you a new overall length.

Q. “I recently purchased for installation in some Tour Issue s400s.  In order to prevent rusting and ultimately compromising the shaft, do you recommend sealing the end of the shaft with tape or leaving it open to ventilate naturally? Thanks for your assistance.”

A. We always recommend sealing the butt end of the shaft by extending the tape past the butt end of the shaft and then folding the extra tape inside to create a seal.

Q. “Black Gold trimming instructions?”

A. We no longer make the Black Gold shaft, but we do keep the specs on our site for reference here. Black Gold was sold in pre-cut discrete length shafts for both parallel and taper tip. If you have a taper tip then no tip trimming, butt trim only for length. If you have a set of 41” master shafts then standard parallel tip trimming would apply.

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Improve your distance and accuracy with golf shaft

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