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True Temper Spotlight: Cool Clubs Custom Club Fitting


We recently posed some custom fitting questions to our friends at Cool Clubs Custom Club Fitting who also happen to be one of our Performance Fitting Centers. Cool Clubs has locations in more than six countries and uses proprietary software to custom fit customers.

Q. What is the purpose of custom fitting?

A. Custom fitting is essential to anyone who wants to improve their game.  A custom fit set gives golfers the ability to control not only distance but their dispersion which maximizes any golfer’s potential for lower scores.  

Q. What kind of golfer needs to be custom fit?

A. Any skill level golfer can be fit correctly if they want to improve their game. 

Q. How often do you recommend someone get custom fit?

A. Every two to three years is recommended but really depends on the individual’s preference.

Q. What are some misconceptions about custom fitting that you hear?

A. “It wouldn’t help my game.” “I’m not good enough to be fit.”  “I’m not consistent enough to be custom fit.” None of which are true.

Q. What’s your top fitting tip?

A. An open mind going into the fitting will help the process and insure you are fit properly.

Q. What are some frequently asked questions about fitting and how do you answer them?

Question 1: What if my swing is different today?

Answer: What people don’t realize until they go through a fitting is that they are a lot more consistent than they think. A large percentage of the fitting process comes from swing speed and tempo.  Speed and tempo rarely change and are typically very consistent.  

Question 2: Can it really improve my game?

Answer: Typically it is proven to them, very quickly, that it can once the fitting begins.

Thank you for the great perspective on your fitting philosophy Cool Clubs! For a custom fitting with a Performance Fitting Center in your area, visit our Find a Fitter page.

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posted 3 years ago

I love the comment about speed and tempo rarely change, even on “bad swing days” makes complete sense.

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Improve your distance and accuracy with golf shaft

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