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True Temper Spotlight: Modern Golf Part I


We are lucky to work with the best custom fitters in the world through our Performance Fitting Center program. Modern Golf, a premier fitting studio in Canada with four locations, is one of our PFC partners that tailor fits golfers’ equipment to improve their on-course results.

In part one of our spotlight, we turned to the experts at Modern Golf to get their philosophy behind custom fitting and why golfers of all skill levels can benefit from vising a custom fitter.


Q. What is the purpose of custom fitting?

The purpose of custom fitting is to give golfers of all skill levels the opportunity to play more consistent golf by fine tuning and fitting their equipment to their golf swing, rather then having them purchase something “off the rack” and then try and fit their swing to match those clubs. 

Q. What kind of golfer needs to be custom fit?

We at Modern golf believe that golfers of all skill levels should be custom fit for their equipment. From male to female, bogey golfers to scratch players, juniors to seniors, everyone has the opportunity to improve their golf game through a custom fitting. The reason everyone is able to benefit from a fitting is because so often we see people using very mix matched sets of clubs, where many individual clubs overlap in distance with each other, and where the equipment is clearly causing inconsistencies for the golfer. By taking the time to work with an experienced fitter a golfer can truly make a big improvement to save them strokes.


Q. How can someone’s game be influenced by or improved by custom fitting?

The goal of any fitting is to help influence the golfer in a positive way depending on the variables that they come into the fitting with. Based on physical factors of the golfer and by analyzing baseline data from TrackMan, a fitter can quickly identify where improvements can be made. It then comes down to the fitter experience to determine what shafts or club head changes / tweaks must be made to maximize performance. Something we often see is players who have either too low, or too high of a launch window with their irons. By fine tuning and finding the right equipment we can improve this to help them create a more consistent ball flight and help them hit their irons closer and stop faster. 

Q. How often do you recommend someone get custom fit?

We recommend that golfers get custom fit every time they purchase a piece of equipment. The other very important time to be re-fit is when there are physical factors that have changed the way the golfer delivers the club to the ball. This is very important when it comes to juniors who are maturing and have gained speed and for older players who have lost speed over time.

Thanks to the team at Modern Golf for educating us on custom fitting. Check back next week for part two of our interview.

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You can also find a Performance Fitting Center in your area and schedule a fitting experience here.

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posted 3 years ago

Would you say that a golfer should at least have a consistent, repeatable swing before getting fit? I’ve only been golfing for a few months, and although I’m a lot better than when I started, I wouldn’t say I’m very consistent.

Lauren Carr

posted 3 years ago

Hi William. That is awesome to hear that you have taken up the game of golf! Our recommendation is to not wait, but to go ahead and at least contact a Performance Fitting Center in your area. The fitter will be able to help you identify the best next steps to continue to improve your game. Keep us posted on your progress!

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Improve your distance and accuracy with golf shaft

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