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True Temper Spotlight: Sam Kern


Today’s True Temper Spotlight features Sam Kern, PGA Class A Professional and one of our True Certified Shaft Council members. Sam is a teaching pro at Ridgeway Country Club in Memphis, TN which also happens to be the home of our robot test center. Sam has been named on of Golf Digest Top 40 Teachers Under 40, Ten Chapter Teacher of the Year and qualified for the FedEx St. Jude Classic in 1998!

To get to know Sam a little better, we asked him some questions about his carer and tips to help golfers improve their game.

Q: What is your career highlight?

A: My career highlight as a player would be Monday qualifying for the St. Jude Classic in 1998.  Although I did not make the cut, it was a great experience and opened my eyes to see how good one must be to compete at that level. Paired with Notah Begay III the year prior to his victory in the St. Jude, I witnessed how easy golf was for those guys and how incredibly sharp every part of their game was. Playing the same round with him on the same course was instrumental in assessing my game and acknowledging my skills were not at all where they needed to be. It was that week when I decided to look into teaching the game that I loved to others. I am very thankful for that opportunity, as it helped to kick start my career in teaching.

Q: What is your favorite part of your job?

A: My favorite part of teaching the game is developing lasting relationships with my students. I enjoy helping students achieve their goals, but it is the relationships along the way that are irreplaceable. I am so thankful for all of the friends I have made through my teaching career. As most golf professionals can attest to, there is very little time for much outside of your career and family. Therefore, some of the deepest relationships I have to this day, have been made through teaching the game.

Q: What is the tip you give most golfers?

A: The tip that I tend to give most golfers I teach would be “set up for success”.  Most players, beginners or experienced, have faulty routines and processes. If they would only go through the same routine, both mental and physical, on each shot their mistakes would be minimized greatly. The routine should consist of 3 parts, the mental (analysis), visual (imagination), and physical (practice swings and set up). All three should be practiced and perfected so performance can be enhanced when on the course.  

Q: What is your dream foursome?

A: I get to play in my dream foursome pretty regularly.  I have two brothers and we get to play with our father a few times a year.  I can think of no other group I would rather play with. We zip around the course in around 2.5 hours and have a blast.  The only thing I would change about that game is where we play.  A trip to Scotland to play the old course would be awesome!

Thanks for the awesome tips Sam! You can learn more about Sam in the Shaft Council section of our site. Share your #lovemycustomfit story with us in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Improve your distance and accuracy with golf shaft

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