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True Temper Spotlight: True Spec Golf Part I


As we continue to celebrate #lovemycustomfit this month, today we turned to one of our Performance Fitting Centers,  True Spec Golf, to get their take on custom fitting.

True Spec Golf was founded in 2014 and is “committed to providing you the best golfing experience imaginable.” Read Part One of our Q&A with the True Spec Golf team to learn how they do this.

Q. What is the purpose of custom fitting?

A. The purpose of club fitting is to provide golfers with a set of clubs that produce centered contact and optimal ball flight.  Golf clubs should be fit and built to match a players swing and tendencies.  The result is a set of clubs that produces confidence and lower scores.

Q. What kind of golfer needs to be custom fit?

A. A variety of golfers need to be custom fit and performance gains are to be found in all levels.  One key factor I look at as a requirement to be custom fit is a consistent club path.  About 85% of the players I see do swing in the same general direction each time.  A great baseline is to blueprint a players current set for any red flags in the actual specs of the clubs and how the clubs match their swing.  Each case is different but often times a player’s swing is actually being hindered by the golf clubs they have in the bag.  Advanced players also have much to gain from a custom fitting.  When a lot of club head speed is involved it is important that the clubs are working efficiently for an optimal ball flight.  A player may never see their true potential if they do not experience custom club fitting.

Q. How can someone’s game be influenced by or improved by custom fitting?

A. It is amazing how different components in a golf club can change a player’s ball flight.  We can fit clubs in such a way as to avoid certain shots and to promote others.  A huge take away from receiving a custom fit set of clubs is providing confidence to a player that they can make their golf swing and have a predictable shot as a result.  All players range in what they need to improve their game.  We can improve on distance, accuracy, ball striking, flight curvature, feel, and obviously confidence.  We want to the player to experience an improvement in the area they really need it.  That is when the game becomes fun again.

Q. How often do you recommend someone get custom fit?

A. Everyone should at some point get custom fit at least one.  There are also many definitions and levels in the term “custom fit”.  A demo day is try the new gear is different then a fitting for all the club variables on a launch monitor.  A player should test themselves and discover what they need from a new set that their current clubs are not providing.  They may need a higher ball flight and coincidentally they happen to have strong lofted clubs with low launching shafts.  A major swing overhaul is another opportunity to get your equipment checked out.  Make sure the ball flight is optimal and you have the green light from an experienced fitter.

Thanks True Spec Golf for the great custom fitting information. Check back next week for Part Two. We are sharing our love for custom fitting all month. Follow us onFacebook, Twitter and Instagram to join in the love. #lovemycustomfit.

You can also find a Performance Fitting Center in your area and schedule a fitting experience here.

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Improve your distance and accuracy with golf shaft

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Improve your distance and accuracy with golf shaft

fitting tips and pro advice. Subscribe now.

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