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True Temper Spotlight: True Spec Golf Part II


Welcome back for part two of our interview with  True Spec Golf about custom fitting. In this portion, True Spec will dispel some of the common myths about custom fitting and answer some of their most frequently asked questions.

Q. What are some misconceptions about custom fitting that you hear?

A. Many golfers tell me that they cannot get fit for clubs because they do something different every single swing.  My response is that they need to prove it. Time after time when we look at a player’s swing data it reveals the club is moving in a similar direction every time! The contact may not always be perfect but the swing DNA is very consistent.

I hear that the shaft is the only thing that matters in a club OR the head is the only thing that matters in a club.  My response is simple, it is always the combination of head and shaft that determines the best ball flight for the player. We can take a player’s favorite driver and put a shaft into it that will cause them to miss every fairway. We can also take a player’s favorite shaft and build it into a head that feels awful and becomes impossible to hit. The beauty in club fitting is to build a well balanced club that makes sense for the player. The results will be so much better.

Q. What’s your top fitting tip?

A. My top fitting tip is to have an open mind when getting custom fit. Do not be bound to a particular club because you read about it or a friend of yours is raving about it.  Just because a club works for someone else does not mean it will work for you. Be open to what works best and you will be amazed at what can be found.  

Q. What are some frequently asked questions about fitting and how do you answer them?

Question 1:  When is the best time to get fit?

Answer:  The answer is always different from player to player. Many players are ready right now for new equipment!  But if you are dramatically changing your grip or posture for example, you may want to wait until you feel confident again. Many times it is up to the golf coach and fitter to determine this. Hopefully they will be honest that it is time for new clubs.  

Question 2:  Do only good players benefit from a fitting?

Answer:  Players of all skill levels can benefit from a custom fitting.  The majority of players we work with are 10-20 handicap.  We have been able to build golf clubs for each skill level that improves their contact and lowers scores.  Many players are also missing out on tremendous distance gains because they have never compared their clubs to what is out there.  Do not be afraid to test!  It could mean 20 yards!

Thank you True Spec Golf for the great information provided in part one and part two of the interview. We are sharing our love for custom fitting all month. Follow us onFacebook, Twitter and Instagram to join in the love. #lovemycustomfit.

You can also find a Performance Fitting Center in your area and schedule a fitting experience here.


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Improve your distance and accuracy with golf shaft

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Improve your distance and accuracy with golf shaft

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